Bitcoin CHANGE is the first store that is facilitating digital assets services that allows buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies.

At our store, we will help you to understand the basics of how to set up your own digital / hardware wallet, back it up, restore and use its features.

All you will need is:

 A valid identity card or passport

 A private digital wallet

If you have not yet installed a digital wallet, you can come visit us with your laptop or smartphone (Android, iOS,PC,OSx) and we will help you to easily install a wallet.


We are the first to have a room totally devoted to the history of the Bitcoin timeline.

Our objective is to open the doors to all Bitcoin enthusiasts to inform them about the first and most discussed crypto currency. This dedicated space will present documents, videos, books and communication elements used by the major players in digital currency ecosystem.


We plan to organize conferences and meetings around the Bitcoin topic to answer all the questions that future and current users are asking. Additionally we will be hosting conferences and meetings on latest news, trends and technological advancements. The speakers are experts that will be invited to present their own views and their approach on all the issues related to digital currencies, such as regulation, trading, mining, security, capital risk, storage, e-commerce etc.

Pre-Paid debit card

Want to use your Bitcoin to purchase something ? Dont know how to spend it ? Dont know who accepts Bitcoin as a mean of payment?

You are not alone. Many people having trouble to spend their crypto currencies daily for a variety of reasons.

We might just have the right solution for you, offering an option for a rechargeable debit card that is issued for the sole purpose of letting you spend your Bitcoin. Fast & Easy.

Convert your Bitcoin now and start spending through your new Debit Card.