Bitcoin CHANGE is the first change store giving services for buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies. In addition we provide the platforms for converting Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

At our store, an expert in crypto-currencies can accompany you to make your first purchase. You will need:

 a valid identity card or passport

 a e-wallet

If you do not already have an electronic wallet to receive crypto-currencies, you can come to our exchange store with a smartphone (Android, iOS) and our experts will help you to easily install a wallet. After saving your data and creating your account, your transaction will only take a few minutes.


We are the first to have a room totally devoted to the history of the Bitcoin and will be delighted to invite you to our first Bitcoin exhibition in Tel Aviv! Our objective is to open the doors to all Bitcoin enthusiasts to inform them about the most discussed crypto-currency history of the moment, but also to novices whose questions flock to know how the Bitcoin is used across the world. This dedicated space will present documents, videos, books and communication elements used by the major players in virtual currency.


We plan to organize conferences and meetings around the Bitcoin to answer first of all many questions that future users are asking. We will analyze the latest news, trends, prices of cryto-currencies and present the most profitable methods for knowing how to buy and sell bitcoins at the best time. The speakers are members of our team, but experts will be invited to present their views and their approach on all the issues related to digital currencies, such as regulation, trading, mining, capital risk, storage, e-commerce or alternative currencies.


The Bitcoin is an invention that is very well thought out but that may seem complicated for beginners. An expert can explain the theoretical knowledge by explaining the financial problems of the bitcoin and how it works on a technical level, how to set up an e-wallet, how to buy / sell bitcoins, or how to use it to buy goods or services. The Bitcoin Change store welcomes you and guides you on opening your account by giving you the best advice to start your investments in the best conditions.